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Two Shorten The Road

Two shorten the road is an experimental body of work which uses a range of analogue media from cyanotypes to polaroid's. There is also a use of the archive. The photographs explore my relationship to nature and the correlation to those in my life. Throughout the project me and my partner travelled to Scotland. My Grandparents spent a lot of time there also due to my Grandmothers Scottish heritage. My Grandad says it is a place he fell in Love. There is echoes within my own relationship and there's. There is a link between between the mycelia in the forest connecting everything to one another to help each plant survive and how we rely similarly on those around us.


The work is designed to be tactile. The physical processes invite the reader to touch and interact with the photographs. Stereographs create 3d images and attempt to immerse the viewer into the space they are in with the use of sound. This was exhibited as part of the UAL 2022 degree show.

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